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Full House Farm: Harmony With Horses

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Relationships are fluid and exchange is an integral part of intimacy. True intimacy requires we move from the belief that we are, as individuals and as humans, exclusive in our existence to knowing we are inextricably included. This leads to exchange and ultimately to expansion. Expansion is JOY!

Christine Cole


About Us

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About Us

Full House Farm is a living, breathing representation of evolving ideas that describes the playground on which Christine Cole, David Ramsey and their family live. Nothing stays the same, and yet there is a steady beat that resonates from the heart of this beautiful place. Christine loves nature and new ideas. Dave loves working with his hands and helping people. Both are artist in their own right. If you stay in touch, you will find yourself swept up in the fun and adventure that is inevitable when in the presence of expansion. This is what Full House Farm is all about; fun, inspired learning, play and limitless imagination.

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