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Full House Farm: Harmony With Horses

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Relationships are fluid and exchange is an integral part of intimacy. True intimacy requires we move from the belief that we are, as individuals and as humans, exclusive in our existence to knowing we are inextricably included. This leads to exchange and ultimately to expansion. Expansion is JOY!

Christine Cole


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About Christine Cole & Full House Farm

Christine Cole at Full House Farm

Christine Cole has spent over 50 years observing and relating with horses. She was introduced to riding at three months old and, as a child rode freely through the Southern San Francisco Peninsula hills. When she was fourteen, she began teaching practical skills for interactions with horses. Adding to her extensive exposure to the world of horses, at age fifteen Christine chose a 15-year path of intense self-exploration, absorbing various types of psychological, physical and spiritual therapies. Simultaneously, at age eighteen, she entered the world of formal dressage training, maintaining steady coaching herself. Nearly 40 years of instructing others, as well as personal observation in the ways of horses, combined with the practice of dressage and studies of the mind and spirit have brought Christine to her current philosophy that well-being is established and sustained from the inside out.

Full House Farm was registered formally as a business in Los Altos Hills, California, in 1979 when Christine was 21 years old. Her first child, Eyla, was born when she was 28 years old and another, Alex, at 33. By 1996, Full House Farm was providing instruction to hundreds of children and adults. Christine decided at this time to move her family to Sonoma County in Northern California. Living on a working farm in Sebastopol with her partner, David Ramsey, she coaches "sustainability from the inside out" with horses and invites visitors from all walks of life to discover the magic of authentic relationship demonstrated by the horses. Christine holds a deep reverence for nature and community and is devoted to developing awareness of personal responsibility for self and others, all species included.



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