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"The lasting revolution comes from deep change in ourselves."
Anais Nin
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In the river at the Elephant Nature Park, Thailand
Amanda with Jokia
Elephants tell no lies
Elephant Hug in Thailand
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An Elephant Journey

In the early winter of 2005, I began to have dreams in which elephants came to me telling me to work with them. Of course this is my translation of what the message was, but just the same there were elephants in my dreams every night. Every morning I woke and shook it off, not knowing what else to do because it is horses I know intimately. I did this for about a week to ten days. Then, at last, an old friend of mine who had died the previous August arrived in the dream as an elephant. Brannon was one of the greatest matriarchs I had ever been so honored to know and here she was, not as the beautiful, heavily-bearded horse I had known, but as an elephant. She urged me to listen. So, the next day I began my inquiries into the world of elephants. I had no idea where to start, so went to the Internet and typed in “Elephant Training”. That was the beginning of a crash course in the fickle human involvement with elephants on this planet, so incredibly like that of the horse world. However, I was fortunate enough to hook up with a woman who lived only 30-minutes from me and who was (and still is) in the process of trying to create an elephant sanctuary in Thailand. Within one month of my first inquiry I was in Thailand with her learning what I could about elephants, and even more about the people who live with them, out of which came my Elephant Journals.



Video Clip: Christine Cole with Sanctuary Elephants



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