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"The lasting revolution comes from deep change in ourselves."
Anais Nin
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In the river at the Elephant Nature Park, Thailand
Amanda with Jokia
Elephants tell no lies
Elephant Hug in Thailand
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The Elephant Journals

Thailand, January 2006

In January, 2006, I flew from the San Francisco International Airport to Tokyo, Japan, and then on to Bangkok, Thailand to meet up with my new friend, Amanda de Normanville. Amanda and her husband, Gary Soden, are the founders of All For Elephants. Amanda was to be my trusted guide into the world of elephants.

Elephant Journals: January 13-17, 2006...

Elephant Journals: January 18, 2006...

Elephant Journals: January 19-20, 2006...

Elephant Journals: January 21-22, 2006...















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