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Full House Farm: Harmony With Horses

Bring me horses,
lots and lots
of horses…
Bring me
little ones,
big ones,
like Percherons,
brown ones,
and gold ones,
like Palominos…
Bring me white
that ride in on my dreams
and black
ones that carry me home,
to myself.
Bring me foals,
fillies and colts
not yet weaned,
so we can frolic
in the hills,
roll in green grasses,
sip from crystal streams,
and chase the sun and the full moon
and grow old together,
like the oldest
and wisest horse in your herd…
Bring him too,
and all the other
grandfathers and grandmothers
so we can hear the old stories
in images, neighs, and whinnies
and our memory can be restored
so we may
once again
travel this green earth as equals…
bring them all,
the horses…

Lea Goode-Harris, Ph.D.
The Santa Rosa Labyrinth Foundation


Photos Copyright © 2003 Barbara Bourne Photography, all rights reserved.



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Photos Copyright © 2004 Barbara Bourne Photography, all rights reserved.
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