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Full House Farm: Harmony With Horses

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The language of the horse is that of movement, not sound.

The way the horse lives is based on a deep understanding and awareness of how one fills their personal space, the strength of intention.

 Intention actually carries with it an energy or vibration as tangible to a horse as physical touch is to humans.

Humans have the capacity to be as aware as a horse, but we do not often practice this level of awareness. When working with horses we can reestablish our strength of intention.

Christine Cole


Programs with Horses

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"Riding with you was worth its weight in gold. I am now an incurable Horse Nut." Carolyn

"I will never forget the moment I moved and suddenly realized I had a 1,500 pound mare moving with me, walking, running, stopping. More intoxicating than wine, believe me! I spent days thinking about the various relationships in my life and how some could be approached differently with different outcomes." Suzanne

"Thank you for the work you do in this world and for sharing it so warmly and generously." Shane

"Thanks for your unique understanding and teaching. I am so glad we found you to be our daughter's first instructor in horsemanship." Deborah

"Today was amazing! You are able to understand and not judge. This is a gift! My fear is dissipating and being replaced by the desire to be clear ... It is up to me to be clear. I am on Cloud 9!." Barbara

"Talk about inspiring ... I haven't felt ANY body here within my riding/teaching circles has any idea where I am going with trying to get my horse to want to be with me, show me how clever he is and together we will enjoy each others talents ... BUT when I speak with you, I seriously tingle all over!." Anne

"Christine, can I just say how much I appreciate you? Your wisdom and insight is so refreshing to me in a non-introspective world. For you to understand that we all have a role in each other's life--that is what is so amazing and gratifying about knowing you." Jane

"Thanks for all the time and guidance you share with our daughter weekly. I am so thankful that she has you as another positive female role in her life. I know she truly enjoys her time with you--she tells me so. She respects you whole bunches, as do we. I also see such a change in her with her self-confidence since you have been weaning her into handling the horses on her own. Thanks for what you do for her and with her." Pam

"You are an amazing teacher. Your horses have stimulated my imagination and my confidence that I can be with horses and not be afraid. How I show up as a leader is instantly reflected in their response." BB

"My daughter and I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful camp last week. I was very impressed with what you did with the girls and the video we saw at the end was wonderful. Their journals are wonderful, too. This was an outstanding camp and really worthwhile for her." Lyn

"I was really blown away by the changes I saw you create with my horse when you worked with him. My husband was fascinated, as well, ending up just watching you instead of working ... which I've never seen him do before. We are in that 'first time' state ... not quite sure if you've worked some magic or if this is something we can really embrace and practice in our normal lives." Susan

"I find it SO exciting to watch and see how you communicate with the horses in their language, and to see them communicate back to you! I learn SO much from watching you. I immediately incorporated ideas from this session into my own relationships!." Julie

"Thanks for being a part of our daughter's life. Your attitude, personality, philosophy and being are terrific. I really appreciate you sharing yourself with our daughter." Michael

"I checked your web site and began reading some of your journal entries. I was brought to tears when I read a letter from one of your students. It was about how the horses are so willing to teach, and that its not because they're "trained" but because they want to communicate and have a relationship. I am very interested in signing up with you and your horses." Angel

"Thank you for the work you do. My daughter is becoming more confident, poised and assertive under your patient and directive ways." Rita

"Christine advertises her work like this: 'It's about relationship.' It turns out that this phrase is deceptively simple. After many months of gnawing on the concepts taught me by Christine and her horses, I have come up with these truths about me in relationship: I can and must see any relationship as a reflection of my intentions and actions rather than as a product of anyone's strength or weaknesses. Relationship is timeless; that is, it must not rely on the past or future for it's health and joy." Katherine

"Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing with my daughter. Your teaching style has been an asset to her. As a parent, you are most likely aware of how wonderful it is when you find someone who is such a positive role model for your child, and that is how we feel about you. There have been such positive changes in our daughter the last six months which has occurred in part because of her regular exposure to you and your horses." Michelle

"I really enjoyed the workshop. The lessons I learned so pertained to my life personally and professionally. The leader exercises at first were hard to grasp especially the circle, however once we started working with the horses it all came together." Kelley

"I want to thank you once more for the wonderful and quite enlightening experience (at the workshop). For lack of better phrasing, it was a kind of Zen experience for me. You and your horses were very good therapy that day." Maureen

"Thank you not just for the workshop, but also for your tremendous commitment to this work. Today I spoke with one of our trainers here about you and she was very interested in hearing more, so I've given her your web address and asked her to browse the site. I feel that our boarders would benefit greatly by taking the workshop. What fun!! Patti

"I just read your journal! Wow! That was incredible stuff! I always love reading your journal because I learn so much." Shari

"The lesson today was a break through! ... All the very deep issues that keep coming to the surface, that are so totally and weirdly connected to my riding. Maybe for you it is obviously related, but to me, since I am a novice to this 'relationship riding', it blows my mind! You are an amazing teacher ... you are there, always ready to expect the best out of me. You make me reach inside and pull something out from any of the different aspects of my persona and look at it in the face for what it really is. It's almost like the riding is secondary ... I am riding into myself to meet ME and take MYSELF for a ride. You are an amazing facilitator ... you offer a safe place for introspection to happen." Angeles

"All my friends and family are amazed that our grandson (2 years) was allowed to have a riding lesson. I explained what a wonderful teacher you were, gentle and caring, and that you instilled this in your horses and our grandson, too. It was almost like a religious experience for my husband and I to witness you, Missy Brown (the horse) and our grandson together." Jeanne

"The Travel Writers Group loved the experience with you. It was their favorite Team Building event of the trip. I will be in touch with you about other hotel sales managers who heard the groups raves about their experience with you and are interested in learning more." Nina, Public Relations Manager, Sonoma County Tourism Program

"I want to tell you how exciting my riding lesson was on Sunday ... your teaching feels very natural, but yet very deep at the same time. You also convey things so clearly and just zero in on what the issues are in an extraordinary way. Very impressive!." Marie

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