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Full House Farm: Harmony With Horses

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Welcome | About | Programs with Horses | Vacation Rentals | Farm Tours | Gallery | Contact | Links

Farm Life Tour Availability Calendar

Below is the availability calendar for our very popular Farm Life Tours.

Our Farm Life Tour is an educational 90-minute to 2-hour immersion in a small family farm. You will meet the horses, chickens, goats, and sheep with the basic premise being "Sustainable Living from the Inside Out." At the end of each tour is a tasting of some farm products, such as goat cheese, or cheese cake and our sought-after wine jellies & jams. The tours are FREE to all lodging guests. Cost for day visitors is $20/adult & $10/child under 12. Private tours can be arranged with a $150.00 minimum fee and can be scheduled any day of the week. Tours are at 10:00 a.m. every Saturday and Sunday from May through November (off season tours are available weather permitting.)

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