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Full House Farm: Harmony With Horses

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The language of the horse is that of movement, not sound.

The way the horse lives is based on a deep understanding and awareness of how one fills their personal space, the strength of intention.

 Intention actually carries with it an energy or vibration as tangible to a horse as physical touch is to humans.

Humans have the capacity to be as aware as a horse, but we do not often practice this level of awareness. When working with horses we can reestablish our strength of intention.

Christine Cole


Programs with Horses

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T’women Productions

If you have a unique approach to joyful living that empowers people to be inspired by their ideas, revel in the moment, create masterfully, and play with passion then you may wish to consider joining up with Christine and her horses in the crafting of a production never before done.

T'women Productions ©. evolved out of Expansion Coach Christine Cole’s desire to create something in tandem with other passionate coaches. Some have already been actively creating with her, even for years, and now is your chance to join in on the opportunity for this powerful co-creating opportunity.
One of the most exciting aspects to this T’women Productions is Christine’s brand new (and still developing) Garden Tea Room, a room designed specifically for supporting gatherings during the Spring, Summer and Fall months. This room provides table or floor space for up to twelve participants (maybe more depending on your medium), warm lighting and a HD Flat Screen, as well as the potential for the preparation of hot or cold food and drinks. The gorgeous French doors open up onto the intimate garden area and then the wide-open pasture lands beyond that slope upwards to oak groves. There is easy access to Nature, the garden, the farm animals and the horses. There is also the Vacation Rental on the property, so perfect for residential gatherings.

However, it is not essential that a production happen at Full House Farm. Christine can go to your neck of the woods, too. Although she does travel for workshops elsewhere with no connection to any other facilitator, she actually prefers the idea of joining up with you. You have something uniquely yours and together you and she can be awesome! It is worth emphasizing here that the combination of talents is really quite limitless. It is mostly a matter of imagination. No matter if you are a tour planner, masseuse, author, cook, wild food instructor, yoga teacher, life coach, hospice caregiver, farmer, dancer, or whatever; Christine believes it is in the sharing of who we passionately are at our core that we invite others to do the same.

Join Christine in a T’women Production and she will highlight who YOU are and champion YOUR unique creation. You will be listed in alphabetical order with a picture of your choice and a paragraph about your work (play.) This would be followed with the dates and prices for our specific event or events, and contact information. All of this is her gift in appreciation of you.

If you are curious, have questions, want more details or whatever, just contact Christine and the dance will begin.

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