Harmony with Horses Workshop with Christine Cole
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Full House Farm: Harmony With Horses

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Why do horses run
Because they can
Simple pleasures of life
I am , I am

In a cloud of dust
They're gone
Simple pleasures of life
No right or wrong

They kick up their heels
They fight, they neigh
Simple pleasures of life
They play, they play

by Steve Molad


Programs with Horses

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Spatial Clarity & Harmony with Horses Workshop

The language of the horse is that of movement. The way the horse lives is based on a deep understanding and awareness of how one fills their personal space, the strength of intention. Intention actually carries with it energy or vibration as tangible to a horse as physical touch is to humans. Humans have the capacity to be as aware as a horse, but we do not often practice this level of awareness. When working with horses we can reestablish our strength of intention.

Spatial Clarity & Harmony with Horses Workshop

It is YOUR responsibility to show up in YOUR space.

I am responsible for my experience of life. My life with the horses and Nature has always been incredibly satisfying and an inspiration towards well-being. However, it has never been horses (or Nature) that healed any trauma I might have felt over the years. It has been my own decision to get on with life, at which point I noticed the horses concisely joined me as if the moment before never existed. Therefore, the trauma never existed. In other words, every moment contains the opportunity to recreate oneself. This was and continues to be the lesson for me from horses and Nature. The horse (Life) responds only to what I focus upon and if I practice focusing upon that which I desire, so I will see this in my horses and in Life. They simply (and accurately) affirm my point of focus.

Christine Cole

Determine with clarity that upon which YOU would choose to focus.


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